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A collection of strong visual messages to express politically and socially engaged content.This book is a visual guide that collects 547 downloadable copyright-free images of a social and political nature that, presenting complex ideas in a straight to the point way, make us reflect on the contradictions of this world. These images, accompanied by thought-provoking texts, are a reaction to issues such as racism, drugs, terrorism, inequality, poverty, war, destruction, life and death, freedom, war and peace, smoking, and animal rights, among others. This brilliant work not only raises important questions about today’s society in general but is also a superb illustration of pure graphic design with a political conscience. It is an ideal working tool and reference for professionals and students, or anyone with a keen interest in visual culture and communication. It includes quotes by Audre Lorde, Saul Alinsky, Stephane Hessel, Sophie Scholl, Howard Zinn, Diane Nash, Milton Glaser and many more.

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